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Contact Details for pub The Clarendon:

The Clarendon

West Avenue
LE2 1TS  (see map)

+44(0)1162 449901

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The Clarendon has an average overall rating of 2.8 stars out of 5 with 4 vote(s) cast.

Pub reviews for The Clarendon:

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On 04-4-2009 nick_renshaw said : "Ticking over nicely. Nice atmos and nice guys all round."

On 05-3-2006 lady_k said : "Nice, friendly staff with a welcoming atmosphere. The toasties here rule!"

On 08-12-2005 apls1 said : "I work at the Clarendon and think the changes that have so far been made are great. I wish Danny every sucess."

On 03-11-2005 blueroom said : "I am the new owner of the clarendon and I take over somertime next week. I have never owned or ran the wellington or any other pub in leicester . I trust that most people will visit the pub and make there own minds up about me and my staff and not listen to malicious rumour and gossip. I logged on to this website to learn about leicester pubs and to see how I could improve The clarendon. I think I am wasting my time. Having an opinion is fine if its based on fact but I am having my honesty questioned by people who have never met me. The pub should be judged when its had a while to trade undr my management . Then ill accept any and all critisism. "

On 02-11-2005 blueroom said : " I was wondering why you (Jaken) thought it necesary to write that comment on the clarendon website and what information or facts you based your information on if you dont mind. I dont know you and you dont know me. I have not as yet had a chance to trade in the pub so the type of drinkers has yet to be established but I have a strange feeling that you wont be very welcome , that is if you feel brave enough to come out from behind your keyboard that is. Danny"

On 19-9-2005 blueroom said : "The Clarendon is being taken over in a few weeks and will be working to be the best locals local in Clarendon park again. The beer will be brilliant and the staff are great. they allways offer you a friendly welcome. Allways busy on big sporting ocasions. The food is coming back and will be traditional pub fayre !! Home cooked , freshly prepared, locally bought produce served in a smoke free enviroment. thats right no smoking in the food area. The Bar is still smoking though. And the garden is having a total make over so you can enjoy your food or drink Al fresco !!! , Patio heating also provided!! . "

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