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The Criterion has an average overall rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 with 10 vote(s) cast.

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The Criterion
Millstone Lane
LE1 5JN  (see map)
+44(0)1162 625418

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On 30-3-2013 mauler said : "Still a good choice of ales, but starting to look a little run down and past its best."

On 12-12-2009 farr_ticulus said : "This pub has some good points, but unfortunately they are outweighed by the bad ones. Lets start with the most important item, beer. The selection is fine, except for the inclusion of lambic beers, vinegar put forward as a drink. The toilets need some attention, especially the men's, which stink of fetted urine. The layout is fine in the louge, but in the bar area you have what looks like a cafeteria, reinforced by the serving of pizzas, an odd combination with beer (pizzas are traditionally served with wine)."

On 25-3-2009 mauler said : "Re opened with the usual format."

On 15-3-2009 mauler said : "Closed."

On 15-5-2008 swanandrushes said : "Re Nick Renshaw's posting: Grant Cook (that's me!) sold the Criterion a few years back (and runs the Swan & Rushes down the road) but the pub has been managed by his former deputy Russell, on pretty much the same model, since then. The pub has achieved local CAMRA Pub Of The Year Awards for the last few years (ever since the voting system was reformed). The pizzas are still as great as ever but delivery time can be an issue if you're in a hurry. Beer quality is good (the awards aren't just for Nathan's personality)and the beer range is interestesting. The pubs ownership has recently changed to the Rugby Brewery which is a different vehicle for the same money men. Whether this results in less beers offered that folk actually want to drinbk only time and this website will tell. "

On 14-5-2008 nick_renshaw said : "Not sure whether cooky still runs it, not seen him for years and wasnt in the last time I was in but fair play to him. Best traditional ales, again. Best food this side of the water, again. Camra award winner, again. This tidy little gem really is a winner all round for me and if cooky has anything to do with it, it will be for years to come. One word, impressive!!!"

On 17-3-2008 kingfisher said : "Leicester Branch Camra pub of the year again 2008. :)"

On 26-6-2007 kingfisher said : "Leicester CAMRA branch city and Overall Pub of the year 20007. Consistent high quality products sold."

On 26-3-2006 kingfisher said : "Now probably the best traditional style pub in Leicester. Just been voted Leicester CAMRA Branch CITY pub of the year 2006"

On 07-10-2005 thespicester said : "Great pub. Plenty of real ale and live music. A gem."

On 07-10-2005 bosworth_ranger said : "Superb beer, one of the best in Leicester for a pint and I hear the pizzas are good."

On 10-9-2005 adrinker said : "quality pub, great booze and fantastice landlord all hidden away in one of the better ends of town, find a friend and go here!"

On 07-8-2005 thequaffer said : "The pub is as old as me, being built in 1960 as part of the Southgates redevelopment, and was, I think, called the Nag's Head. Now renamed and rebranded as a real ale pub, and a very good one, too. Well-kept range of beers - definitely worth a visit."

On 25-4-2005 filsor said : "Ahhh what nice Pizzas!!!As for the beer: several real ales and good ones as well. "

On 21-11-2004 mauler said : "A good range of british & continental beers, Just been taken over by The Pig Pub Company"

On 28-9-2004 orson said : "Superb range of draught UK beers aleays in excellent condition, draught foreign range of quality beers and a range of foreign beers to beat many a specialist beer bar in Belgium. Rare lambic styles a speciality"

On 06-3-2004 kingfisher said : "Very good ale available, at least five different ales from micro breweries of the uk. Regular beer festivals. Run by Grant Cook. Food selection could be improved."

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