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The Dry Dock has an average overall rating of 3.1 stars out of 5 with 6 vote(s) cast.

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The Dry Dock
Putney Road
LE27TF  (see map)
+44(0)1162 559596

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On 03-8-2009 nick_renshaw said : "Thought i'd give this place a second chance after i heard a brummy with false teeth had took over (usually the case). Walked in expecting nothing & guess what...... It was worse!!. Like last time i walked in to find a neanderthal Gorilla spitting request at me. This animal had a thin goatee beard that only a very slim man could pull off (i felt embarrassed for him, so did the staff!!) Also a group of local joy boys sat the end of the bar were engaging in this guys fantasies by shouting obscenities at anyone close to them(the look on the bar tenders face can only be descibed as the same one a child would have on christmas day opening there presents)It made me feel id walked into a center for people with learning disabilites. One nice guy, Gaz tried to discourage this animal like behaviour (a real gent) the only decent member of staff in the joint! Avoid this place its a stopping gap for students & saloon badgers! Drab,ugly with no character, rarely i walk into a pub feeling good & walk out feeling completely depressed. Arguably screams worsted pub in england!!"

On 13-11-2008 nick_renshaw said : "Soulless and going down hill as far as im concerned!!! Torrid Scream pub that has tried to deplore some shitty irony by making the shit hole in the form of a boat, never worked ten years ago and doesnt work now!!! Obnoxious bar staff you just want to throttle, one of the blokes, I think I heard someone call him 'kev'. Yes thats right 'f**k off kev' one of the gorrillas behind the bar said!!! Anyway this boy poncies around the bar 'queering it up', a real misery guts by all accounts and when I went in last time the place stunk 'I think it was him'. As for the rest of the drab punters who frequent the place, well, let me tell you, these guys really need a lesson on how to lose their inhibitions!!! Its like entering a morgue and realising your dead!!!"

On 27-1-2006 greatwetlettuce said : "Could be so much better. Annoying being nagged so readily to drink up and go 5 minutes after time at the bar"

On 01-12-2005 jar1985 said : "Dont ever drink anything but Grolsh from here unless you like cheesey, cloudy ,eggy ale. also the novelty of it being a boat soon wears off as it gets very cold in here"

On 17-7-2005 eugene said : "Shaped like a boat - hopefully someone will push it in the river one day. The ceiling is also too low."

On 11-7-2005 topaz said : "I'd recommend peopleto go just for the novelty of it. Its a pub shaped as a boat on sopme gravel - hence a dry dock! Its part of 'its a scream' chain so theres usually some cheap drinks offers on. Its nicer in the day/eve but lacks atmosphere later on as people usually abandon it between 10-11pm. Some outdoor seating outside. Nice pub."

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