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The Last Plantagenet has an average overall rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 with 8 vote(s) cast.

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The Last Plantagenet
Granby Street
LE1 6FD  (see map)
+44(0)1162 555492

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On 22-8-2006 spacky1664 said : "Talk about a turn around. It used to be the case that I would never go into this pub (despite the low prices). Howevere, it is now a great place to socialise. I usually go in on a Friday night, when there is a vibrant, lively but pleasant atmosphere. A colleague and I went in at 9.30 in the morning today and had breakfast. The food was great, service was quick and efficient, and the staff were smiling and friendly. All in all, everything you could want from a pub, well done."

On 17-2-2006 spinko said : "Since the pub has been taken over by new management the service and atmosphere has improved loads. Cheap prices and friendly bar staff what more do u need for a good night out? Give it time and this will be a really nice place to drink!!! "

On 27-1-2006 greatwetlettuce said : "Full of "undesireables""

On 26-11-2005 rafflesbear said : "just to put the record straight - Wetherspoons beer is cheap because they have the buying power to commission a whole batch directly from the brewery and distribute it nationwide to their pubs. the beer is not watered down or going out of date. cask ales have a 14 day shelf life and with Spoons turnover this is never a problem. Pub chains might not be popular with seasoned pub goers but mind you, you'd have difficulty finding an empty Wetherspoons pub! by the way the management has changed recently so give it another try,"

On 10-9-2005 lady_k said : "This place is like the arm pit of Leicestershire pubs"

On 27-8-2005 eugene said : "Cheap drinks maybe - probably because they're out of date. Take the number of your doctor with you, you might need his help if drinking draught beer."

On 11-7-2005 topaz said : "Cheap drinks ... and a big space thats the only thing going for it."

On 29-12-2004 mauler said : "Seems to be a lack of staff as tables are left dirty and full of glasses for a long time,beer range and quality good, cheap food."

On 28-10-2004 boycie said : "Seemingly the usual Wetherspoons but can be lively Fri/Sat night b4 the clubs get going."

On 17-2-2004 kingfisher said : "Wetherspoons pub.....Can get smoke logged if extractor fans are not working."

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