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The Rake Inn has an average overall rating of 3.1 stars out of 5 with 13 vote(s) cast.

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The Rake Inn
Blackstone Edge Old Road
OL150JN  (see map)
+44(0)1706 379689

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On 12-11-2011 angie11 said : "If you havent tried The Rake before then its a must!! Me and my family 7 of us visited on the 15th october. The staff made sure could not do enough for us and we felt very spoilt, the food was delicious as always, the feta salad and garlic mussells are to die for, the food arrived hot and was bursting with flavour. I have been to the rake several times and the food is always hot delicious and good value for money.There is plenty to chose from and to suit all budgets. Just one thing last time i put a comment on here about the rake it was about the toilets.... Well since then the ladies toilets have been done up and are very nice... WELL DONE THE RAKE AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING EACH VISIT A LOVELY MEMORY. See you soon....."

On 04-9-2011 farawaytree said : "I would like to comment on the review stating poor service was an issue at the Rake Tapas on the evening of 3/9/2011. I was one of the said staff that evening and would assure you your table was not required, I apologise if we made you feel rushed or uncomfortable, however tapas food is attempted to be served at the same time when possible. I feel that over attentiveness cannot be qualified as poor service,we try very hard to be polite and observant to our customers requirements [something that the owners have made clear is important]and if we were guilty of anything it was trying to hard. "

On 04-9-2011 jimbob1204 said : "We would not visit this establishment again after last nights visit. We decided to go for a nice quiet meal together an opportunity we rarely get to do on a Saturday evening, so we were both looking forward to the evening. In a nutshell the food was nice but the service terrible. On our arrival (the table booked in advance and we arrived on time) we were asked if we had booked, we were then asked if we wanted a drink or go to the table. We advised we would like to order a drink then go to the table. Whilst ordering our drinks we were asked twice by 2 separate waiter/waitress if we wished to be seated at our table, we explined we were ordering drinks and then would go to the table. The barman had actually also advised he would take us to our table already. One of the waiteress then wait over us until our drinks were served to then whisk us to our table. At our table we sat and tried to look at the menu and specials board. This was very hard as the lighing was very dark. We were given a carbon copy sheet to choose our tapas dishes. We were sat at our table trying to choose our tapas choices to be asked 5 times by different staff if we were ok and ready to order over a 6 minute period. We did repeatedly advise we were fine and not ready to order to each member. The restauarnt has half full at the time, people were not waiting to be seated. We ordered and chose 4 tapas dishes all brought at once, removed as soon as the last morsal had touched our lips. Throughout several staff continued to ask if we were ok, or just drift over to our table, have a look and leave agan. Mid meal we were asked if we wanted any other dishes, it occured to me that how would we know until we had finished all our dishes? We had been advised prior to ordering by the waiteress that 4 dishes for 2 is usually enough to eat so felt we should wait and decide later. It was also noted that all the other couples/groups present were not pestered like we were repeatedly by the staff, we couldnt have a full conversation due to the interuptions. By the time we had eaten the food we had had enough of the constant pestering by staff, yes we could have eaten more dishes, but to be honest were made to feel our table was wanted by another booking due to the constant perstering so chose to leave and go to another establishment. From arrival, to ordering, eating 4 dishes, having a drink and paying we were on and out of the restaurant in a total of 31 minutes. We both think the service was shocking, we were made to feel our table was wanted for someone else by the service of the staff. We also felt inimidated by the whole experience to say anything to the staff. Very disappointing will not re visit again!"

On 15-4-2011 angie11 said : " What a fabulous find!! we have visited the rake 3 times now and we love it so much that we ve recommened it to lots of friends and family who have also now been and share the love of the food here too. This old building is very quaint. The atmosphere here is warm and friendly we ended up talking to lots of local people one who took time out and told us a couple delicious dishes to try such as the mussels in garlic, and the beautiful seabass, he also warned us not to over order aaa(be aware the portions are big) I think the food is beautiful, its tasty and fresh and good size portions. the choice is fantastic too. They have a specials board too which also has some great dishes on. OUR Favourites were the mussels, the seabass, the raspberry salad is a must! but if the livers are on the specials board they are fabulous and just melt in the mouth. For a dessert try the delicious hand made ice cream or the cheese and biscuits fit for a king. Just thinking about the place makes me want to visit the place tonight! On the downside i found the ladies toilets although clean they were very dated and didnt feel clean. Why not give it a try i know you wont be at all disapointed!"

On 23-3-2011 rishworthbridge said : "Barely a pub, more a restaurant (Tapas Bar). That said, they keep (usually) a couple of real ales as well as the usual kegged dross. The atmosphere is very pleasant, with low, beamed, ceilings, flagged floors and subdued lighting, (though my late father-in-law once complained that he couldn't see to eat). The food is mostly excellent and their wines are good, the quality of the cheaper ones being particularly praiseworthy."

On 11-10-2010 dawn01 said : "We visited the Rake with some friends, overall it's "got the lot". I asked if they had a spanish wine that i favoured and they offered me a better wine, let me be the judge of that.... well they were right it was a beautiful white rioja. Tapas is a favoured way of dining as we spend a lot of time in spain, and the Rake delivered, dish after dish, something for everyone. Even our favourite spanish cheese at the end of the meal - perfect. It must be good as we travelled from Birmingham on a recomendation and we will be going back.."

On 11-6-2010 louise123 said : "I went to this restuarant a couple of weeks ago and was extremely dissapointed with both the service and the food. The service was the worst I have ever experienced, the staff ignored us upon arrival, we waited 20minutes and nobody came to take our drinks order, they were rude and unhelpful, bringing us food with only forks and no knifes. They forgot to bring some of our dishes out, and huffed and puffed when we asked for them. They didn't smile or ask whether everything was ok. There was a young male waiter who was particulary rude to us, he brought a dish out to next table which was ours and the couple told him it wasn't theres. Realising it was ours my friend shouted the waiter 3 times as he walked past us saying the dish was ours. He completly ignorned us and carried on walking as my friends and the people from surrounding tables looked on in disbelief. We were also waiting for the bill for 30minutes before again we had to go in and ask for it. The food was average at best, the mussels were the best thing of the menu by far. I agree with another persons comment about the processed meatballs and the same flavourless tomato sauce which had been used on lots of the dishes, making everything just taste the same. Some of the dishes are extremely overpriced and some came out cold in the middle. "

On 26-2-2010 carlos123 said : "This has to be one of our favourite restaurants for just the two of us , to a group of friends and family my daughter is 9 years old and would eat here every day her favourite is the mussels, .On every occasion I have been here I have never been able to fault it, the food is excellent and very tasty the same thing on the menu can be made differerently every time you visit. Service is excellent all the staff are very friendly especially the owner (who will share is recipes with anyone) and his wifeand the prices are reasonable too. Would recommend the rake to everyone. "

On 30-5-2009 lauren09 said : "In response to the review left on 29-7-2008 by "newbie." You talk like you know a lot about tapas, but you recommend La Tasca in Manchester? Did you know that all the food there is reserved - so if you leave a meat ball, the next person to order it will be given your meat ball. I kid you not, someone who worked there told me! You say the manager didn't knock money off the bill - so, because you have no patience for fresh, real tapas you should have free food!? I think not. He already apologised and sent you free olives, if none of you like olives, I suspect that you don’t like real Spanish food. I would strongly suggest you go to La Tasca in Manchester; your business is not needed at The Rake. I would recommend The Rake to absolutely everybody - lovely atmosphere, great service, amazing food - what more could you want? 5* "

On 08-5-2009 dale said : "A call for reviews! Apparently this pub has now changed, and I'd appreciate your thoughts."

On 07-4-2009 farawaytree said : "I returned to the Rake Tapas after a long break as have been living in spain, not dissapointed at all, in fact the place has improved if that was possible, this family run business offers really friendly service even to a couple of customers that I have to say were bordering on obnoxious with the young male waiter that served them, hats off to him he remained polite and friendly despite this, well done mario.The food was excellent again and the group of friends with us couldn't have been happier. Well done we know how hard you all work."

On 13-10-2008 angeline1 said : "went to the rake on saturday night and had a really great night. the atmoshpere is great, the food is delicious and even though the restaurant was really busy we did not have to wait long for our food at all. the menu is varied and everything tastes great! the prices are reasonable and the selection of drinks is good- we especially like the draught san miguel!! anyone who says they dont like this restaurant is lying- we would go every night if we could!!"

On 29-7-2008 newbie said : "Husband and I visited the Rake on Sunday, big mistake. Started badly after being left at the bar for 45mins, it was only 6:30 and had a handful of people in. We asked to be seated and eventually were shown to our table. Lacking ambience - daylight streaming through window of an old pub (appreciate it’s old, but so much more could be done with décor) with few Spanish pictures on the wall, very poor. Tiny table, right next to the chimney and every time the wind blew the smell of soot was choking. Ordered food. 40mins later a waitress came to take our order and we explained we had ordered 40mins previously. Went away, came back and told us they had lost our order. So had to reorder. Food did come pretty quickly then, only 6 dishes, but no room on the table and it is the worst tapas we have ever experienced! I love tapas, but this was seriously bad, soggy garlic bread, everything in the same bland tomato sauce and things covered with mozzarella (didn't know it was mozzarella was Spanish). Mussels drowned out with lemon juice, and so many empty shells. Meat balls were processed, definitely not hand made. The best dish was the salad, not hard to get a salad right. My husband asked to speak with the manager at the end of the meal as the wait and loss of order had gone un-noticed by the manager. The manager came over and straight away stated nothing would be knocked off the bill. We had gone out for a nice meal and we weren't looking for a freebie! He said he sent over olives, we didn't order olives because we don't like them!!! Anyway to sum it up I would suggest for a real tapas experience going to La Vina in Manchester (fabulous) or even La Tasca (Manchester – the extra cost on the train will still be equivalent to the total cost here as it is very costly £££) , this chain restaurant beats The Rake hands down. Needless to say we won’t be returning nor recommending to friends and family, in fact quite the opposite! "

On 20-3-2008 farawaytree said : "Since taking over the Rake [now tapas restaurant] Mark And Dawn have created something special, the service is good, the food is excellent and whilst it can be a bit draughty at times you can exscuse this 400year old building for that. I have been many times and the service and food has been consistent in quality. There have been times when we had to wait a while for our meal but has always been worth the wait. We'll be back."

On 06-12-2007 matwhithan said : "Went on local recommendation , service good atmosphere good, location lovely, now for the downside the food was awful worst tapas I have ever had, chicken covered in grease and undercooked, frozen meatballs in the same flavorless tomato sauce which was on most of the dishes pasta potato bravas etc, we tried about 10 dishes from the tapas menu and left more than half uneaten,I suggest the chef goes to El Gato Negro over the hill in Ripponden, or to La Mancha Tapas Bar in Rochdale to get some idea of what to do. "

On 24-10-2007 kenhill said : "Mark and his team moved in in early 2007 from The Court House in Littleborough and have turned this pub into an excellent Tapas Restaurant! The food and service are of the highest quality in a truly welcoming atmosphere. The pub must be full of history - it was built in the 1500s. Our waitress was very knowledgeable when we needed help with their extensive menu. The food is piping hot and plenty of it. We had 12 dishes between 4 of us and it satisfied our healthy appetites! We shall return!"

On 20-8-2006 killer said : "The food was cold in the middle and also you can tell it is microwavable. The hospitality is terrible with a very rude scouser and a man with glasses who does not smile. The pub is very cramped and their are very limited places to park, the drinks are overpriced and the atmosphere, you can cut with a knife."

On 21-9-2005 scooby683 said : "Very friendly nice selection of ales lovely restaurant parking is a lot limited but managable 2 minute ride from hollingworth lake very good food indead."

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