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Angel Inn has an average overall rating of 2.3 stars out of 5 with 2 vote(s) cast.

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Angel Inn
SA115NR  (see map)
+44(0)1639 722013

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On 18-7-2011 westglam said : "I would just like to comment on the last review. I was in the angel on the night of this situation and you was the only person to complain about the food there. I just like to point few little things out. 1) there have never been and will never be tin potatoes in the kitchen all potatoes are fresh peeled and at the start of every shift. 2) The land lady was not spitting she was very calm and polite. 3) The service is excellent there and people come back again and again. 4)If the food was bad and the service is bad there why do Max Boyce and Ruth Maddocks go there every week and take other famous people there. Im very sorry but if your not happy with the food and felt a complaint was needed then it should have been done during the meal not once you ate everything off your plates. You was hoping for free meals and it didnt work for you. The angel inn is a very popular pub and people travel miles to eat there."

On 27-6-2011 jessiejjj said : "After a beautiful day walking along the waterfall route near Glyn neath, we decided to call into The Angel Inn. We were shocked at the food prices to begin with - Lasagne and chips was 10. With these resturant prices we thought the food must be worth it and ordered at the bar. The barman was very kind and the service from him and the waitress's was great. There was a very arkward atmousphere however, the waitress's seemed very jumpy and anxious as did the barman. Anyway the food arrived, one meat lasagne and one vegetarian lasagne with new potatoes. The potatoes were out of a tin! Mushy and full of water and completely tasteless. The 'side salad' was a few bits of white lettuce poorly prepared, half a cherry tomato and the garden peas were mushed up. We told the barman before eating that we were unhappy with what was on the plates as we had paid 10 each for the meal and he agreed it was not good enough and asked the waitress's to take them back to the kitchen. They came back 10 mins later - the only difference was the had replaced the peas and put them in the microwave for 5 mins. We decided to just eat our meals and leave as clearly they were ripping people off and using food from tins to cut costs. As my partner was about to try eating her vegetarian lasagne, she held up her fork to her mouth which was full of mince beef - she had been given a meat lasagne and I had the vegetarian one. It put it off our meals completely but we were so hungry after walking all day we swapped the dishes around, ate it and decided to speak to the manager on the way out - just to express our concerns and explain what had happened with the meat! After food a approached the barman and asked to speak to the owner who was apparently his dad. He went upstairs and after about 10 mins he returned to say that his step-mother would come to speak to me instead. After waiting another ten mins, an angry lady with agressive body language charged right passed me and said 'Who is it then!'. i smiled and said it was me who wanted to talk to her. Well I couldnt beleive my ears and eyes! I calmly explained what had happened and had even kept a quiet voice and I didn't want the other people at the bar overhearing, She came right up in my face looking extremely angry (the husband was stood behind her with his arms folded and glaring nastily across at me too) and said OUR POTATOES ARE NOT FROM A TIN! YES WE PUT BICARBONATE OF SODA IN THE PEAS BUT THATS IT! I didn't want to argue with her as she was trying to with me and explained about what happened with the meat. She continued to spit whilst she spoke and ignore everything I was saying. She then said quote "WELL DID YOU EAT THE FOOD? I replied Yes as we...WELL ENOUGH SAID! WE ARE NOT REFUNDING ANYTHING YOU'VE EATEN IT. TOUGH" I couldn't believe what was happening. The most disgusting way i have ever been spoken to by a stranger and by far the worst customer service I have ever witnessed! The people who run this place are clearly very angry individuals who don't care about their customers experience and have no clue how to apologise to someone who has not enjoyed their experience there. it is clear that they only care about making big profit from making VERY POOR meals and preparing themselves for a fight should anyone want to give them feedback! I shall never go back to the pub which is a shame as I liked the pub itself. Oh and by the way, we later discovered that people put bicarbonate of soda in peas to make them keep their colour and last days and days so they can be reheated. The bicarb strips the peas of all their vitamins too! Enough said."

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