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Swan Cygnet

Main Street
North Ferriby
HU143QP  (see map)Telephone:
+44(0)1482 634571

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Swan Cygnet has an average overall rating of 2.6 stars out of 5 with 4 vote(s) cast.

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On 03-4-2012 davet71 said : "I had been to this pub a few years ago and had one of the worst meals i had ever eaten , however having heard that the pub had changed hands and hearing good reports i thought i would check it out, and i was amazed at the diference! The whole place had changed , staff were friendly and attentive and the biggest change was the food , which was fantasic , my wife and i were gobsmacked when we were half expecting something straight out of the microwave like last time , i had the ribeye steak which was cooked to perfection. Couldnt recomend this place enough , not the cheapest pub in the area , but you get what you pay for and definatly worst the extra couple of quid."

On 07-3-2012 hulllad30s said : "I hate leaving reviews but when so much has changed I thought I had to! Since the last review the pub as now got a new Tennant. The pub as improved so much since the change over. The food is the biggest improvement, all home cooked and top quality The prices are dropped but you still pay more then other pubs within the 3-5 mile radius, but the companies run them selves those pubs! The customer service has improved by a long shot, still the same staff with new ones as well, but they seem a lot happier. The Cask ale range as doubled from 2 to 4. The view is great over looking the pond. "

On 27-10-2011 mlindst20 said : "Visited the pub on 26th Oct 2011, the first visit for a while. I pass by the pub probably 3-4 times per week and stopped off to see what it was like. Ordered a pint of Jennings Cumberland Ale and was not happy to be told it was 3.25 per pint. Said to the barmaid it must be the most expensive pub in uk and she said no it is the most expensive pub in Swanland.(being the only one). The most I have have paid anywhere else in any other town is 3.10 and usuallly pay 2.65 in the Green Dragon a couple of miles away in Welton. Will not be paying that price again, if I had known the price beforehand I wouldn't have ordered. If you want a good/fair priced pint in the area.... go to the Green Dragon in Welton. CHEERS from a dissapointed customer"

On 16-6-2010 freedomquartet said : "This pub is very poor. The staff are unfriendly, they are not family friendly at all. The price of the food is a rip off as the portions you get are minute. Put it this way a child's portion wouldn't be enough to fill a two year old let alone my daughter who is 10 years old. We left the pub very hungry and had spent a lot of money. We ended up ordering take away when we got home. Oh don't bother to complain about anything as you just get told " if you don't like it find another pub to go to" how rude! Try the coffee shop just up the road on the corner of kemp road & west end in swanland instead it's brilliant and they are licenced too!!"

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