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Belgian Monk has an average overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 with 2 vote(s) cast.

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Belgian Monk
7 Pottergate
NR21DS  (see map)
+44(0)1603 767222

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On 26-8-2007 garethcork said : "The pub itself is clean and well presented with a busy atmosphere, we sat upstairs in the restaurant which apart from being very warm, was nice, the choice of beers is excellent and there is something to suit everyones tastes, unless you are a cider drinker...... However, the food was a disapointment, the two scallop starters were very oily on the plate and served on a quite odd crepe which had no taste at all, the dressed crab arrived bulked with what appeared to be bread crumbs and the so called famous mussels were very gritty and small, a real disapointment, of the four fillet steaks sent to our table, mine was by far the worst, it was cooked rare as requested but did contain numerous tough bits which even the steak knife had trouble with, it also really needed some form of vegetable with it as well as the salad leaves just didn't cut it. I didn't risk a desert but the filter coffee was very nice and was served very attractively, two of our party did opt for deserts and they appeared to be consumed with gusto and positive comments. However, at 45 per head without any wine I thought this meal was priced far beyond what was delivered to our table. Should you go for a beer, Yes, should you eat, I wouldn't, the menu is in my opinion just simply too large for the kitchen to cope with, if they scaled it down and concentrated on doing less, but doing it well, I think it would be far better and more reliable. The staff although friendly made two mistakes with our orders and actually forgot some of our drinks, I'm not ashamed to say it's the first meal I have had this year where we did not leave a tip."

On 01-11-2006 evil_chemist said : "Scary strong but nice beers on sale here. Be careful, they have nice glases here too. I really like the garden at this pub, tucked away behind the maddermarket theatre. I don't eat them anyway but I've been warned to steer clear of the muscles after the tummy troubles of a friend."

On 08-10-2006 buckeee0 said : "Very unusual pub. Don't go here if you want cheap lager or alcopops. They sell 9 draught and 28 different bottled beers all from Belgium.With strenghts up to 11%.The pub has a restaurant and a large dining area upstairs.And bar snacks are mostly tradional Belgium snacks.The Monk in the name is because this pub used to be a priests house."

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