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The Hop Pole has an average overall rating of 5 stars out of 5 with 3 vote(s) cast.

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The Hop Pole
High Road
NG94AE  (see map)
+44(0)1159 251174

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On 27-11-2007 beerbuff said : "A Chav free zone wow what a change from the old hop pole this has now gone back to a boozer which anyone can drink without the locals looking at you like your out of place. This is one of the few pubs that is still a pub not busy in the day time cause its away from the town but after everyone finish work it come alive with all sorts old men and there dogs couples and young and old this is the type of place you'll be proud to take you mum and dad even your granparents this is a old time classic boozer with nice dare i say it good barmaids and dam good beer whitch may i say its all i come out for but taking the juke box away was such a good idea there now more people lisnering to the proclaimers and putting other customers off instead they play a good mix of old time rock and new rock plus some local bands too this place has class and so much old school atmosphere the new landlord has done good"

On 03-6-2007 veerod said : "Paid a visit after the recent refurbishment....What used to be a cracking pub now has no atmosphere, no character, no pool table, no juke box & very few customers, & it takes 10 minutes to get served even when the place is nearly empty (trick is, don't let all the bar staff go for a break at the same time)!!"

On 15-10-2006 veerod said : "The Hop Pole is now open again, most of the old regulars are back & new regulars are welcome. New landlord is very nice chap, very young but he knows his stuff!!"

On 01-4-2006 veerod said : "The Hop Pole is closed for the foreseeable future, due to poor trade & an uncaring leasing company!!!!!"

On 29-11-2005 joseph020701 said : "Really great pub. Friendly atmosphere. Good food and really great beer. Also does real ales. Has Ladies darts team."

On 23-8-2005 marianne said : "i think it's a really cool pub cause ma auntie owns it lisa but u need to update the pic cause they repainted it."

On 26-1-2004 veerod said : "This Pub is called the Hop Pole, Fat Boys Inns used to own it. Damn fine pub though, good selection of beers, & top juke box too!!"

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