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Fox & Hounds has an average overall rating of 2.2 stars out of 5 with 7 vote(s) cast.

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Fox & Hounds
Pontefract Road
Thorpe Audlin
WF8 3EL  (see map)
+44(0)1977 620082

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On 30-4-2011 saraw said : "We must of visited a completely different place to the people below. We have been visiting the Fox & Hounds for the last few years and live only acouple of miles away. In response to comments below, the vegetables have actually been replaced from frozen to fresh produce and this is noticeable to some but there again some people cant tell the difference, we even know the greengrocer & a farmer who supplies them. The cheap cheap carvery has been upgraded but is still the best value in the area midweek, weekend carvery theres more choice. I have to agree that the Manager has changed and isnt as friendly as the previous Manager but the staff are all the same and have been for a long time apart from the odd replacement. Pubs in general are quieter and this place has made some right and wrong changes over the past few months but in our opinion things were heading the right way, its a country pub not one of the faceless nationals. The gammon remark below is as its always been, it does seem to have a coating on it but thats what most people like about it, not to everyones taste it seems and in all the places we've been in we've never seen meat with labels on it, afterall a chickens a chicken, beef looks like beef not pork, so I think nitpicking is wrong. Everyones got their own opinion and when this place is open, its difficult to get a table,, but if you do go offpeak of course there will be fewer people. Recently had a fire and is closed for a refurb. I believe that work is starting to re-open soon, cant wait for it to re-open, we check on a weekly basis. The food, and staff are great - make some changes like manager but not too much else. WELL WORTH A VISIT !! "

On 23-1-2011 penfold1958 said : "I have just come back from the Fox and Hounds after having not been now for about 7-8 months although both my wife and I were regular customers for the Sunday Carverys which we considered to be very reasonable, well what can I say, disgusted can only describe it, the food horrible, the vegatables were undercooked, the Yorkshire's thick not cooked and burnt on the top, we were with our grandson (10), and he chose the Gammon which until we sat down did not realise that it had been coated with mustard, fine for a gourmet restaurant where you have a choice of whether or not to have it, but think of a child/person who suffers allergies unbelievable what the outcome could have been, there were not labels/markings to tell what was on the meat or what the meat was i.e. Pork/Beef/Gammon etc, to go on the vegetables totally undercooked, the roast potatoes had been cremated to the point they did not contain any potato, as for the atomsphere there was none, we did not know that it had changed hands it used to be really friendly place, plenty of chat, people both young and old the bar was always busy and the dining tables were always full, today empty there were only 2 families and a couple, AVOID AVOID the so called ''friendly'' pub at all costs a total waste of money to the point, we have had to come home and cook ourselves a dinner (VERY DISGUSTED) and will NEVER go there again. "

On 16-1-2011 maryanne7 said : "I recently visited the fox and hounds with my family and i was extremly dissapointed, the staff were no were to be seen, there was music playing loudly out of the kitchen. when they did arrive they wasn't very friendly. As for the food i can tell the difference between frozen and fresh and it has never been fresh. As for the second comment down i think it is either the manager or the owner that has wrote this, its as thought there trying to advetise the pub because alot of the comments that are in there are not true. I have never known in all the time myself and my family have been going there the pub be so empty. I really think that this pub is gone down hill in the past 9months. The old management that was there before was really friendly and made time and effort to speak to you, now it seems the new management and staff havent got the time of day for u. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!"

On 06-1-2011 gregmay said : "on my resent visist to the fox and hounds, i have never been as disappointed, me and my family have been going there for a good few years now, and i have never recieved such poor service and poor quality of food in all the years. as i was there i discovered new managers had taken over, which i was greated by him on arrival, which was pretty unpleasant to see him smoking at the front doors. i really think that the business has decreased rapidly, i havent seen it as busy, since beverley and david have left, they gave us such a warm and kind welcome. it is a real shame they have left and a real shame i have to find another pub for me and my family to go too, to enjoy a family meal. if anybody know if the oldmanagers have a new pub could somebody please let me know, i would love to see them. "

On 03-12-2010 jayscotts said : "My family and I have been visiting this pub for about 4yrs and like most pubs in rural areas they have become quieter. The Fox & Hounds in Thorpe Audlin, nr Pontefract is a gem of a place and on some days you will not get a seat, so if in doubt, phone in advance like we do just to be sure. In response to the comment below and being a regular customer I will say the place has improved this past year, on the few niggles its always had. The old Management is now out and new ones in. During the daytime there is a low priced menu mainly for OAP's and because of the cost, the portions ARE smaller, HOWEVER its well advertised that the main menu and specials board are always available on normal sized plates if there is such a thing. I am surprised the comment below because this pub is renowned for its fresh produce its listed in many guides and the fresh fish is delivered daily from the coast, if in doubt ask the Manager who will show you the days delivery note. The Fox & Hounds is also well known for its home-made batter and fresh veg from the local farmers whose fields you can see opposite the place, this pub just doesnt say it has fresh veg they will actually show you their kitchens. The staff under the old Managers could get abit noisey but this was their own family members and some people didnt like them, which is their opinion even we found the old Managers hard at times, but that was the only downside...but since they went in July 2010, everyone can see the difference, its now more professional. Our own family as do many many others have seen this pub over the years and we would recommend it for its choice of menus & value priced meals, especially the DAILY OAP's Carvery and Sunday Carvery. We would as many regulars far and wide would recommend, recommend, recommend...Give it a try !!"

On 06-6-2010 mariegriffiths said : "I just decided to step off the A1(M) for a meal rather than take a motorway services meal. I was surprised to be instructed to leave my credit card behind the bar. The place was empty. Very odd. The starter was okay. The main meal took a while. Both meal arrived on tiny plates. I had fish and chips. The batter was still runny on the fish and the fish tatsed off. The dessert of apple pie arrived with undercooked apple and soggy pastry. The numerous staff were all too busy laughing and joking amongst themselves and using offensive language. At least according to the menu it was a cheap meal of an early bird special advertised but was shocked to ask to pay full whack. When I politely queried this I was shouted at by the staff member. The menu is deliberately incorrect and they hold onto the credit card to stop customers understandably not paying for the meal. The next day I had food poisoning. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. "

On 12-10-2009 peterh1 said : "The Fox & Hounds in Thorpe Audlin, Pontefract is visited on a regular basis by me and my family. Over the years its changed hands, but its always been a good bet. The new Management have not changed too much, but have re-introduced and bettered the traditional BRITISH FAYRE, now by using FRESH, LOCAL produce - and you can tell, its great !! They have a midweek lunchtime Carvery at a reduced price and a Sunday Carvery, thats the best value for money we've found in the area. The Main Menu is always available and the Specials Board is vast - For somewhere different ( away from the main Pubco's with their frozen plastic food ) , give this place a try - we've found we can take any person, of any age, all have found something they like and all have had a great tasty meal. Give the Fox & Hounds a try, its on the A639, in a farmland setting - we'll be visiting more often, this place has just got better !!"

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