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Contact Details for pub The Blarney Stone:

The Blarney Stone

Gilliatt Street
DN156EY  (see map)

+44(0)1724 847865

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The owner:

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Members who have visited the pub:

its_me 13-2-2004 at 20:00:00 for 5hrs

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The owner/manager of The Blarney Stone in Scunthorpe has not yet added a description.

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The Blarney Stone has an average overall rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 with 6 vote(s) cast.

Pub reviews for The Blarney Stone:

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On 10-4-2009 winterton said : "I was nervous about going to Blarney as I had heard they get fights etc. - but (and I am 48 years old) went there with four other blokes and had a cracking night out - friendly staff and no sign of the intimidating atmosphere I had expected."

On 27-5-2008 cristina23 said : "hi i can confirm this pub is NOT for demolition as i am the owner and have been to the council who have also confirmed this it was only on a wish list. "

On 06-5-2008 dale said : "I've had word that this pub is due for demolition due to compulsory purchase? Can anyone confirm this? If so, please click the : 'This pub is no longer" link above. Thanks. Dale."

On 09-1-2006 tazybird05 said : "TOP PUB. I am a regular at The Blarney and always is a great night. The staff are really friendly and barring the odd over whelming drunk- it is a really good place to either sit back and have a laugh of dance the night away. RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE!!!"

On 09-2-2004 its_me said : "probably the best place to go at night in the area"

On 08-2-2004 hi_ho_silver said : "probably the best place to go in the area"

On 31-12-2003 muckytits said : "been only a few times but love this pub although,you do tend to get strange men lingering on the dance floor wearing their parker coats for some strange reason"

On 09-12-2003 simonmiller said : "This is a pub and night club and the best in Scunthorpe"

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