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The Jolly Farmer
Roman Road
Moulton Chapel
PE120XQ  (see map)
+44(0)1406 380042

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On 15-9-2009 rugbyscot said : "At first apearance the pub looks really nice it is a free house as well so inside the the theme of a countryside is very good low beams and old style decor, apart from the Chelsea football club plaques on the wall behind the bar. I was down from Scotland on a weekend break visiting friends who live local and have frequented the pub since they moved into the area, they booked a table for four, we arrived and was told where the dining area was, again the dining area was nice and clean and tastefuly decorated. We ordered our meals my Friend asked if he could order 2 portions of main course and after a few minutes the waitress came out and apologised that the second portion was not available as he had the last portion but offered and alternative, which my friend accepted. A few minutes later a party of 8 people arrived were shown to their table and ordered their meals and one of the party ordered the same as my friend had originally ordered, they did not tell them the dish was sold out. our meals arrived and the food was very good and the portion size was very good I had Lamb shanks in mint gravy as did my wife the vegetables were all fresh the mash potato was fresh mash not instant, my friends wife had Liver and onions in gravy again the portion size was substantial the quality was good, my friend had ordered Chicken Kiev this however was in breadcrumds and apeared to be prepacked not freshly prepared by the chef along with a chicken burger to make up for not having a second portion of Kiev available. While we were sitting eating the party that arrived after us started to get their meals bought to their table and the lady who ordered the Kiev was given a Kiev meal. This was not a very good practice for the kitchen to give out a meal when a few minutes earlier told another customer was told they had sold out of a certain item. As my friends frequented the pub we decided not to complain as we were only here for one evening, so we went to the bar and ordered another round of drinks and sat at one of the comfortable seats and drank our drinks. We went to pay for the meals and gave the landlord the money who took my money and my friends money , mine being a Scottish 20 note and my friends being an English 20 note the landlord totaly refused to take my money saying he does not take Scottish money,I asked why because it clearly states it is pounds sterling, he said because he can't tell if it is a forgery, this I take as an insult because in the first case he was almost implying I was trying to pass forged money and secondly the attitude was clearly if it is not English I don't want to know. I walked back to my table and spoke to my wife and said I don't think we will be coming back here again, to which the landlord said Good stay in Scotland. this I fear is not acceptable behavior from a publican and is also a very Racist comment to make, I said nothing in return as my friends as I have said frequent this pub, we got up and left the landlord followed us through to the bar which is opposite the exit door the said in a loud voice very sarcasticaly good bye then. this I am afraid spoilt a very nice evening and my friends have said they were very embarrased at the behavior of this publican and they will now not be using this pub again. So my review is: IF YOU DO NOT COME FROM LONDON/ ESSEX YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS PUB AND IF YOU COME FROM SCOTLAND DO NOT EVEN DREAM OF COMING INTO HIS PUB COS HE OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT LIKE SCOTS. "

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