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Contact Details for pub Pie Factory:

Pie Factory

Hurst Lane
DY4 9AB  (see map)

+44(0)1215 571402

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The owner/manager of Pie Factory in Tipton has not yet added a description.

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Pie Factory has an average overall rating of 2 stars out of 5 with 2 vote(s) cast.

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On 23-11-2010 tipton said : "Jeeesus! What a terribe place!!! Food is terrible, staff terrible, cleanliness is terrible! It is soooo bad! You couldn't try to make a worse pub. And the gaffer? He has got a serious attitude. When we went to complain about a badly chipped plate one of our party was served his meal upon (illegal may I add!) He just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. The staff have absolutely no idea either. They just huddle in the one corner and chat to each other while I stood at the bar waiting to be served like a wally. Never, ever going back to this place. If ever you are tempted to go to this pub, keep on a driving past and keep your well earned money in your pocket! Plenty more better pubs and eateries just up the road!"

On 22-9-2008 stevane said : "Decent pint of Lump Hammer and the food very good. A nice place to visit for the "experience" of the Cow Pie, sawdust, handpulls and quirky decor"

On 24-3-2004 hitmeagain said : "This pub used to be called the Doughty Arms and was kept by my parents Winnie and Bryan in the 60's and 70's"

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