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Hart Inn has an average overall rating of 2.6 stars out of 5 with 7 vote(s) cast.

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Hart Inn
East Row
YO213SU  (see map)
+44(0)1947 893304

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Pub reviews for Hart Inn:

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On 05-7-2012 maisiesdad said : "A good welcome from very pleasant staff. Good food, had an excellent crab salad. Generous portions. Landlord thanked us for our custom. A good pint of black sheep bitter."

On 03-7-2012 peterwolds said : "read all reviews but still took my wife for birthday - take it as i find it philosophy. i had smoked haddock fishcakes wife had ploughmans - food was excellent, reasonable price,good service.portions were good. would go again without a doubt."

On 03-1-2012 avoidthehartinn said : "The Hart Inn: Sandsend, near Whitby Pub was as clean as could be expected, it looked like it had been busy. Customer service is a big fat zero. The landlord was very rude to the customers and seemed to bar them out for no reason. I think he was drunk. Real Ale: Black Sheep, decent pint. Mixed clientele but most seemed to be hangers on that were laughing at the landlord who wasn quite drunk, loud and obnoxious. Garden looked ok. Great location. All in a great little pub marred by the landlord who was rude, loud, swearing and acting an idiot."

On 29-12-2011 tommy1029 said : "I visit the Hart regularly and do not recognise the poor reviews posted on this sight. I would encourage anyone to visit the Hart while in Sandsend for good food, good beer and pleasent suroundings."

On 16-10-2011 scotsbonnet said : "On holiday in the area and at my daughters request we visited for a meal, having been there a few years previously. We were not disappointed, the food was again excellent- horseshoe gammon steak (one of the best) and lasagne x3. Having read the previous reviews I am surprised at the comments. The landlord was pleasant and friendly, the waitress was efficient. Food was good value for money and surroundings were clean and inviting, with a real fire. Wish it was closer to home as we would be regulars."

On 10-10-2011 curleysheep said : "Unfortunately, reading previous reviews, we were very unlucky, The pub was warm and inviting, the food excellent and the serving staff very friendly. Timed correctly (around 7:00pm midweek) we had no problem getting a table and being served."

On 02-10-2011 yorkshirefan said : "I'd like to add comments about the drinks and food at The Hart Inn, but we didn't get a chance to try them, because the landlord threw us out! Five of us, all polite and civilised folk over 60, asked for some drinks, and were told we could only have them outside as the pub was closed. I said that this didn't seem very friendly, when the landlord came over, shoved his face into mine, and shouted at me to "Get out!" I asked him why he was being so aggressive and he said "That's the way I am!" and shouted again "Get out!" so we did. Customers outside heard the exchange and sat in silence. I have never received such rude, offensive, aggressive and unjustified treatment anywhere else in my life. I was fully expecting him to punch my lights out. The landlord has a major anger management problem and really needs to deal with it. I couldn't recommend this pub to anyone. The experience still disturbs me when I think about it."

On 04-4-2011 doody said : "Cracking Pub. Got Black Sheep bitter which is always a bonus. Food is superb and reasonably priced. Landlord is a character and the staff are warm and freindly. Location is fantastic too. Wish it was MY local!"

On 04-3-2011 tommy1029 said : "I feel the balance needs to be redressed. The landlord of the Hart Inn is a character. In his time at the pub he has brought it from a run down unloved bar to where it is today which is a smart bustling venue to which people flock every weekend and through out the summer season. It suffers from its own success (being a small pub)and at peak periods you will expect to wait, at these times patience can get fraid but it is my experience that resonable enquiries will recieve a resonable responce. If your in the village go to the Hart and enjoy good pub fair and relax."

On 09-12-2009 nickw said : "Ten of us were staying in Sandsend for three nights recently.Having read some of the reviews for this pub we were reluctant to eat there on the Friday night,however there is not a lot of choice for eating out in this small village. All I can say is that this has to be the rudest individual I have ever had the misfortune of encountering as a pub landlord,what an arrogant and unpleasant individual, I cannot understand why he should be working in a customer faced environment because this man just cannot deal with people. Not only is he rude,but he must also be rather stupid as he managed to drive away 10 people,who do like a drink,on the friday night,and we all came to the same conclusion and decided we would rather walk three miles to Whitby than spend any more money in this persons pub. Before anyone else goes in this establishment read the other reviews,and draw your own conclusion as to why not to have a drink there,the landlord is an arrogant baffoon who was rude to a partially sighted friend of mine,and 10 other friends and should find another means of gamefull employment"

On 19-7-2009 peter405 said : "The food is excellent and reasonably priced. Sadly the service is very poor, the 'specials' were selling out within 1 hour of opening, the waitress was off hand and the landlord was ignorant, shouts at his customers and was very rude. Four of us, myself, my brother and our wives booked for a meal for my brothers 59th birthday on Saturday night. We had to wait for a very long time and when my brother asked light heartedly 'Any progress in the kitchen?' we were told very bluntly that we had to wait as gammon steaks take a long time to cook - cannot be true. We had already booked for a Sunday lunch which they serve from noon to 2.30pm. We arrived on time at 1pm and ordered lamb and beef lunches. 40 minutes later we were told that the lamb had sold out so we asked if we could have 4 beef and after checking with the kitchen we were told 'Yes but it would be about 20 minutes' so we said it was ok. A few minutes later the waitress returned and told us a large party had just arrived and there were a lot more people to serve and it would be a very long time before we would get our meal and not 20 minutes any more. We didn't want to wait as it was now nearing 2pm so we asked for the bill for the drinks we had and she said 'Fine' and stormed off. She returned with a bill and put it on the table without a word and went. We went to the bar to pay and we were ignored by the landlord behind the bar and his one bar staff. We asked the waitress if she could take the money as she was in the bar at the time and she just said 'I can't take it give it to the bar staff'. We waited a while longer and then tried to leave the correct money with the receipt on the bar at which point the landlord started shouting at me saying 'Don't be clever'. I had no idea what he was shouting at me for so l asked him and he just kept shouting in front of a full bar 'Don't try to be clever'. He then shouted at me 'You were in last night now get out'. I was flabbergasted - l asked him 'what have l done?'. He kept shouting 'Get out' and my brother responded by saying 'You're supposed to be the host'. For whatever reason the waitress had presumably taken offence at something and instead of the landlord asking us what the problem was he just started shouting. At 53 years old l am neither rude nor off hand with anyone and l didn't deserve to be treated this way. Earlier in the week l had witnessed another customer who complained that they had found a live crawling insect in their food and he was told that 'It just proves the food is fresh'. He went out complaining. I would not go back to this pub if it was the last place on earth, the arrogance of the landlord which clearly rubs off on his staff is appalling. Give it a miss unless you want appalling and rude service and don't mind waiting a long time to be served."

On 19-7-2009 sandraandbruce said : "OMG please do not go to this pub the landlord treats and speaks to you like s--t,the service is disgraceful the landlord should be removed from is line of work and am hoping the brewery read this review"

On 30-3-2009 essexbeerdrinker said : "I went for a quiet drink in this pub with my wife after a enjoyable day spent at the beach. I must agree totally with Dogwalker, as the customer service from the owner was simply appalling. In my case I dared to query the amount of change I received when buying a second round of drinks I was confronted by the owner in the beer garden with a bill which was slammed down on the table I was drinking at with the advice that I was not being "robbed". I will certainly give this pub a wide berth next time I visit Sandsend. "

On 25-1-2009 dogowner said : "If you like to be treated fair and with respect as customers should be then don't go to this pub the Landlord is a arrogant and extremely rude. I worked in a customer focused environment for many years and I have never come across his customer dealing technique. Maybe I am mistaken and this is the new customer focused way but I don't think calling a customer a half wit on enquiring where her childs food is, is the norm. I certainly would never go to this pub again and neither will the ten friends I was with at the time, we were disgusted."

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