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The Red Cow Inn has an average overall rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 with 7 vote(s) cast.

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The Red Cow Inn

WV6 7JH  (see map)
+44(0)1746 783665

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On 27-7-2011 penchant said : "It always puts a smile on my face when I see negative comments, how peopleís perceptions differ. I hadnít been to the Red Cow for 22 years. But moved to Claverley 12 months ago and got talking to some local people about meals. One person recommended the Red Cow. So after 22 years I thought I would check out some (negative reviews) and pop along for a meal. The place is bigger than I remember. We hadnít booked, but they said we can get you in if you donít mind waiting. ďnot at all I said, we are here nowĒ. Had a drink at the bar, checked out the menus. We were made very welcome, the atmosphere was excellent and the food was home cooked. Since our first visit, a month ago, we have been 6 times. Evenings and Sunday lunch. They have said that they are fully booked, but some of the tables have been empty, we put this down to staggering the meals for the chef. Otherwise people would MOAN that they have to wait too long for their meals. Also the price... Iím fed up with low cost dross from major pub chains (two for the price of one) £7.95 for Sunday lunch thatís come out of a bag! The Red Cow serves freshly cooked meals, yes the odd dish maybe a little pricey, but Iíd rather spend £9.95 on a Sunday lunch that is freshly cooked than £7.95 for a boil in the bag dinner. And I donít mind spending £15.95 for sirloin steak that comes out rare when you have asked for it to be rare. Love the place, the staff, the real ale and the food. Great country pub. Whiners stick to low cost major pub chain food. "

On 23-3-2011 azrael_111281 said : "The Red Cow is a food led country pub with a great reputation, cosy and welcoming to customers new and old. We take great pride in the food we serve, and the atmosphere we are able to welcome customers into. We open between 12noon and 3pm for a casual lunchtime service offering sandwiches and other lighter meals as well as our full evening menu, food orders are taken until 1.45pm. In the evenings we open with a more "restaurant" feel service, from 6pm until 9.30pm when the last food orders are taken. We are very much still a pub in the evenings though, and we take great care to retain the charm that a olde world country pub offers with local drinkers and regular faces generating a warm atmosphere for everyone to enjoy their meals in good company. Prior booking is advisable but not always required in the earlier parts of the week, towards the weekend it is essential. We offer a wide range of reasonably price meals cooked to order and prepared on premises, at busy times this can mean you will wait for your food to be cooked, donít worry its defiantly worth the wait! We have an excellent reputation for our steaks, especially our impressive 20oz t-bone and we also offer a wide range of fresh fish both whole grilled and prepared in a morney sauce. Our "winter warmers" including Oxtails, Pheasant and rabbit casserole are also popular dishes when availability allows us to serve them. When it comes to real ales, we subscribe to a local is best policy, sourcing the vast majority of our ale from within a 25 mile radius of the pub itself. We carry ales such as Hobsonís best bitter, Broughs bitter and blonde, Ma pardoes original and entire, Holdenís golden glow, Enville ale and even ale from the famed Beacon Hotel in Sedgley! The dedication to all things beer related from our barman means we are able to pride ourselves on the quality and diverse range of ales we provide. That along with an extensive range of wines both by the glass and by the bottle, mean you will certainly not go wanting for a thirst quenching pint, or a relaxing glass of wine at the cow either. Our staff are polite and professional, and are trained to make your evening as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our maximum party size over the weekends is 6 people, however in the earlier parts of the week we are more than willing to cater for parties as large as 10. Please give us a ring and ask for any information you require, or to make a booking. "

On 07-3-2011 krayzeeladee said : "The Red Cow is an old fashioned little restaurant pub. It's staff are friendly (barr one) and the food, although a little pricey, is worth the extra. The range of real ales kept at the bar are ever changing and are sourced from local breweries. The beer is clear and clean and always goes down well. Although predominantly a restaurant, the beer alone gets people in! There is one bar man who is always present and never fails to make us feel welcome and our custom appreciated. If we stay late, past the usual pub opening times, the staff never make us feel hurried. Over all, a lovely little pub, great atmospphere, even better beer and good food. Ignore the bad reviews, it is only a little restaurant pub and it more than lives up to my high expectations."

On 10-12-2010 rangerover said : "Really nice place to eat and enjoy good beer. Very popular and particularly with locals. Food is great particularly the Dorada and the steaks. Not sure why previous comment is so negative, have eaten here many times with friends and have to say the atmosphere and standard of service has been first class. The barman is always chatty and takes a great interest in what he stocks and recommends."

On 03-10-2010 dkedwards said : "Well if you are looking for rude and apathetic staff and want to leave in a bad mood this is the place to go. If you are looking for a friendly welcome, good service and politeness, don't bother. I phoned 6 days in advance to book a table for two. I was told curtly, well Friday is usually reserved by regulars but we have had a couple of cancellations so I guess we can fit you in! On arriving the lounge was like the Marie Celeste and no one was behind the bar. Eventually after walking round a bit someone appeared and I ordered 2 drinks. I said we had a table reserved and gave my name and the bar assistant walked off and started jotting something in a book the other side of the bar. She then went on to take payment from another dining customer leaving my wife and I waiting and wondering. I asked her if she had got my reservation and she said 'I have noted it down and served your drinks'. Confused I said 'which is our table then' at which point she snapped 'Don't you want to sit in the bar first Oh and by the way here are your menus'! We sat down ordered at the bar and went to our tables. Strangely for a Pub that was supposed to be nearly fully booked it was only 1/3 full all night and we were squeezed up in a pokey (and draughty) corner. Food came and starters were pretty good (and large). The main meal came and asked if I could have another drink. The waitress said she couldn't get me one as she was under 18 so I suggested that maybe one of the other witresses could get it? After 10 minutes another waitress arrived who started saying that it was not their policy to serve at tables, had I not read their policy on the foot of the menu, if she did it for me she would have to do it for everyone blah blah blah... with her even raising her voice and implying I was out of order for asking her to serve me something. She then went back and stood by the bar with the other 3 waitresses and bar-maid where they had beenfor 3/4 hour with their hands in their pockets. My wife's meal was very good (smoked haddock mornay) but I'm afraid to say that my rare T bone was raw (not even blue) was served with low grade frozen chips, steak and mushrooms fried in lard and soggy vegetables - maybe acceptable for a cheap meal but £18.50 for the steak alone in what is a Pub is far from cheap with the entire 2 starters 2 mains and 2 drinks each costing the best part of £50. AVOID !!"

On 15-8-2010 stevejill said : "stevejill, first visit to this pub, we had prebook a table for 20.30 and sat at the table approx 19.20 and was advised that our order would not be taken before 20.30 bar staff passed us the menu to peruse.The time passed and at 20.50 we request service only to be told that we should have gone back to the bar to order, anyway after that wait we eventually ordered our meals (4) one hour later the first course arrived why it took so long to provide us with 3 cold starter and one soup I dont no, however the posatives were that the food was very good and the lady who served us was friendly.The negatives were the long wait and abrupt attitued recieved from the bar staff.This seems to be a common amongest other revise og this pub."

On 06-2-2010 tommyb80 said : "Traditional pub which was clean and the food was great. There was a good range of drinks. The food is a good range of above average pub food with a far above average price tag! HOWEVER the staff were the rudest people I have ever met (including parisiens). We were kept waiting over three quaters an hour after booking before our orders were even taken and then were told "Ill take your orders but theyll only sit in the que we're busy". This was after we asked if our orders could be taken and were told NO. The best of it was that the worst culprit of this atrocious service seemed to be the owner/ manager. No appologies were made for the eventual near two hour wait for our meals. The food really was great but the customer service replaced the good taste of the food with quite a sour taste."

On 25-5-2007 rugbrat1970 said : "Traditional pub, very mature clientele. One real ale. Prior booking is essential here as it is usually full. The attitude of the barman left much to be desired when we explained 4 of our party were not coming. The food is above average 'pub grub'and the prices are too. Starters fron £3 to £5 and are large. Main courses £8 (eg steak and ale pie, fish) to £15 for a good steak with or without sauce/stilton/gorgonzola etc. Plenty of choice of potato/salad/veg. Veg served al dente. Our meal for two with two rounds of drinks cost £50. "

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