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We are a Rock pub. We don't have the occasional Rock Night. We play Rock Music 24/7! Classic Rock, NuRock, Metal, Death Metal, Goth, Industrial, Darkwave. DJs, Live Bands and Good Beer! If you are looking for a quiet night out...don't come to us!

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Giffard Arms has an average overall rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 with 14 vote(s) cast.

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Giffard Arms
64 Victoria Street
WV13BX  (see map)
+44(0)1902 426664

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On 24-3-2013 cheroke said : "This pub may now become a better place now one of the mangers has seen the light and decided to end their relationship, Mr ansell has finally had a taste of his own medicne, well dun wendy and just deserts to you mr ansell.!!watch this space"

On 10-11-2012 cheroke said : "this pub serves kids beer they are that desparate for business, full of troublemakers and kiss arse gaffer customers. tom and wendy love the adoration from the people in there who need to belong, as for the dj john , he is totally owned by the gaffers, bet tom and wendy piss themselves laughing at the money they make outta the mugs that go in there. i know for a fact they are losing money and tom ansell is as doddgy as they come.underneath the facade of a friendly rock club lurks two people whom out to make a much money as poss outta kids, also wittnessed drugs been took in toilets , needs closing down a people with substance taking over. it a cove for dodgy dealins. "

On 27-10-2011 cheroke said : "This pub is seriously past its sell by date, needs new managment as very complacent and deluded into thinkin they are,with planet , the only rock venue in the area, what about the watering trough in walsall,the vault in darlaston,cuckoo bell walsall. People of wolverhampton, get out of your wv postcode!SEE a band instead of listenin to your old record collection by a propped up geriatric in a pulpit,also no nazi doormen in the trough. Beer crap and barstaff think they are on a night out and ignore you ,very clique pub. vey repetitive week in weekout yawn."

On 07-7-2010 baggpuss44 said : "Cameo onto this website by accident and judging from the state of the comments left so far - there is no need to review this pub..the previous comments say it all for me. Ive been using this pub on and off since the 80's and its had some good times and some very dodgy ones - and the latest in fighting just seems to suggest its gone down the tubes yet again! Tom Ansell used to keep the Greyhound in Bilston, and did a sterling job..I can't really imagine him leaving the spitefull crap as posted by "Giflord" and imagine someone is using his name - I just can't see him beeing that arsed to bother to reply and get involved in such nonsense - if it is Tom..then what has happened to you man! The place seems to have been dragged down by all the clichey in fighting and bitching - the rot set in a few years ago and I hoped when a certain geordie staff member got the push in would improve, obviously it hasn't! Last time I visited this pub earlier this year, I left after about three pints and only drank two and a half.. the place was empty and the bloke behind the bar was less than friendly...and the beer was less than fair in taste or price. There was no food on offer except crisps and nuts, I just cannot see the appeal of the place anymore - it once was one of the main biker/rock pubs in town allong with the Fox, scruples etc...but thats a long time ago - I doub't if I'll be going back anytime soon and I'm sure theres a better place for "grown up" old school rockers and bikers in Wolves somewhere..lets leave this place to the kids and the bitching...."

On 10-11-2008 fairyprincess said : "the gif is my favourite pub in the whole of wolverhampton. a freindly caring place with many true friends. i can confirm everything said about that derranged bastard tez and the whore he drags around with him. he is pathetic and mentally derranged. he put me threw hell even faking suicide by taking six paracitomol. then saying he had injected his self with weed killer. how very very sad. he will be gone soon locked up like the animal that he is and then i shall return to my rightfull place in the gif with all of my dear true friends we can celibrate at his demise and when he is gone im sure that the whore of babilon will get what she deserves. i will see you all very soon as i am moving back and to anyone that i lost touch with i had to move for my own safety. i love you all and soon we shall be reunited x x x"

On 10-11-2008 gifflord said : "alos, after checking our footage. anyone wishing to view the cctv footage of the night the munter shell was all over his son kissing him then as he came in went to the loo with him is more than welcome to view it. as for tom ansells sons we also have the footage of shell on the stairs with one of them and the footage of her and taff in the toilet corridor one night after tez had left. we can proove our comments as they are true. everyone in the pub knows this regardless. and how tez cried to the police after alle3ging a well known gang in birmingham were going to hurt his ex jen, a loverly girl that we are very good friends with and is also willing to provide evidence of our comments. as for everyone being a grass if you mean the young girls you beat up taking you to court yes this is true. you are a bully a coward a joke and a laughing stock with a big mouth and out pub is a much better place without you. a valued customer ha ha ha yeah right! what a wierd family. incest is there motto ha "

On 10-11-2008 gifflord said : "Everything in my posts are true. you know it i know it and everyone else knows it. the pub is busyier than ever. no one has stopped drinking there and as for your comments i think its so funny. tez your a joke, a laughing stock and everbody hate you. end off story. ha ha ha ha sad pethetic fool. goodbye looser"

On 09-11-2008 bikerchick3000 said : "Right, what can i say about the gifford arms. i think the problem is where to start actually, not what i have to say. Firstly, i want to say that Tom Ansell is the biggest walking GRASS wolverhampton has even seen and known. Since taking over the pub, they have let it go to the dogs (literally - seeing as wendy runs it)once a very valued customer of the pub, i now refuse point blank to step foot over the threshold. the last time that i dared venture into the pub, i ended up being showered with glass after a fight had broken out between two underaged drinkers then again this seems to be the only way that this pub can make its money, as all the people that i know and that is rather a lot, refuse to use the place. its renowed for fights, underage drinking, drugs and the selling of illegal firearms And as for the comments posted previously by a user called gifford (tom in diguise as he hasnt got the balls to say it all face to face), well mr ansell there seems to be some confusion over who's mrs is sleepng with who's sons, i think that you should take a long hard look at your own family before slating others, as i have on very good authority that both of your sons have engaged in some rather digusting acts with your so called beloved then again thats not really a surprise giving that she was once a lady of the night, is that how you got your money, by turning pimp?? makes you wonder and then we can moved on to your lovely or should that be not so lovely daughter Gemma, who seems to take great pleasure in using and abusing men and woman for their money. once she has bled them dry she disgards them like a used tissue and moves on the the next unsuspecting victim, but this seems to run in the family doesnt it, seeing as you did exactly the same thing to all the other woman that you have been with. wendy just cant see the wood for the trees as you seem to be doing the same to her. "

On 08-11-2008 gifflord said : "Wilma if your comments are addressed to us. The gif is a freindly pub, with freindly customers, Tez, and its prob you pretending to be wilma or who ever coz your that sad. tez, is barred from our pub as he has been convicted for assulting young woman including our bar staff. we had no end of trouble with him for years. he abusedes woman and picks on the weak. he claims to be a biker when in fact he is a laughing stock in the town and even his old freinds want nothing to do with him. Michelle openly has been all over his son in the bar then had sex with tez in our toilets. thats a fact.a married woman with young child that slept with almost every man in our pub as well as drinking with tezs former girlfriend while having an affair with him. shes a horrible piece of work and has even stopped her divorce now incase tez goes to prison so she can go back to her husband. say no more. if you know these people you know this is all true. they are scum and a laughing stock, and we arnet intrested in his silly games as he has prooven himself to be full of it and has nothing to back up his mouth with. all are welcome at our venues, me and wendy as well as our staff lookforward to seeing you all. "

On 05-11-2008 wilma said : "i think it is disgusting how you are talking about these people in you comments as i no them have you got the guts to say this to there faces i think that you have no bottle you and you frends are low life's"

On 30-10-2008 gifflord said : "The gif is the best rock venue in wolverhampton alongside the plannet, false revues are bieng posted on here by a sad lonely indervidual named tez. any regular in the pub will know who i mean, a sad loner with no freinds that caused nothing but trouble in the pub he was barred following several incidents. nobody likes him and everybody is happy he no longer bothers us with his storys of former glory as a biker, no one likes nor has any respect for the man. nor his vile mrs, its a strange sittuation when a girl is sleeps with farther and son! enough said. all are welcome at the pub theres always somthinig going on and wendy is the best land lady in town. some sad lonely people need to grow up and if all they can do is post silly reviews on here then its no wonder they are a laughing stock. "

On 24-10-2008 fallenangel12 said : "I love this pub, metal on a Thursday. RAAAAWWWWKK!!!!!!!! Best place to be when theres a rock band on at the civic. Like Scruffy's in Birmingham only in wolves. Bonus!!"

On 24-10-2008 scrawnyboy8 said : "What are these people talking about?!! The Giffard arms is THE best pub in wolves, no doubt about it! The staff have always been very friendly and have all taken the time to get to know familiar faces. The music is superb. New rock on Thursdays, Classic on a Friday and a mix of the two on Saturdays and I've always found it be a varied mix each time. I think some people are just sore that it isn't a biker pub anymore, well sorry but Wolverhampton council wouldn't allow that anymore anyway. Its now the kind of rock pub that anyone that has an interest in the scene can come in and enjoy and good to it!"

On 21-10-2008 fender said : "giffard arms wolverhampton where to start tom ansell wolverhampton biggest grass to the police in town wendy always got her head up tom ass not seeing what is going on around her as he takes her money the pub has gone to the bottom of the dung heap since they took it over. lets all get rid of them and get the giffard back to its former glory he killed the grayhound bilston stop him doing it here"

On 31-7-2008 rip-the-cock said : "I totally agree and so do loads of people I know. Since 2004 when the current management took over they have made no effort whatsoever – the music is the same old-same old, week in, week out. They have become complacent, no, arrogant, towards their customers – their livelihood, to the point of downright cockiness. Apparently, you have to put up with the likes of Motley Crue, Journey and other assorted Cock-Rock nonentities because playing anything decent will offend the sensibilities of the poor bar staff. On my last visit in June, the place was half empty, much the same as the setlist, which hadn’t changed since my previous visit over a year before. It seems that they have deluded themselves into believing that being the only rock venue in the area open until late on a Friday and Saturday allows them treat their customers like naughty schoolchildren – told to stand in the corner, with their vimto and crisps, and be quiet!! Believe me, if there was another rock venue in wolverhampton, the place would be deserted – because believe me, even a converted clothes shop would have more atmosphere than this sad, dilapidated excuse for a “Rock Pub”. Long Live Rock and Roll."

On 16-5-2008 mrsclean said : "What a let down! This used to be one of the best biker pubs in Wolverhampton- now its a shadow of what it was! Its turned into some kind of bad "Goth" theme pub, complete with "spooky" coffin shaped tables, "scarey" symbols and "spinetingling" murals on the walls that look like they were done by a ten year old..infact the whole place comes accross as very immaturely put together, like a haloween disco at the local primary school! The toilets are worth avoiding, if you can get to them- and by all accounts the gents where no better! The depth of "liquid" on the floor could explain why the goths all wear those 3" stack heeled boots! The barstaff were less than friendly, infact unless you are a regular face there it seems you have a lot of trouble getting service at all, and the drinks are way over priced, even for a city centre bar..and the punters in the pub looked like a mixture of people who want to be bikers, a few real bikers, sad looking goths and people from the many normal bars around the town who still want a drink at 1am and its the only place open!The Friday I visited it was packed out of the door, very hot and too full, the dingey blacker than black paintwork making the place seem even more oppressive.. with blaring music which was so loud it was almost impossible to tell what was actually playing! I love loud music as much as any other old rocker, but the atmosphere, surroundings, decor,heat and noise just make for an instant headache! By day it is a lot quieter, to the point of being empty, but still the decor looks dingey and rather silly! And the reception from the staff and few regulars is that of suspicion... Not a pub I'll be visiting again!"


On 24-6-2007 wrensnest said : "Wonderful pub!! Great rock/goth atmosphere!! Absolutley the best pub in Britain ok so I'm biased but hey it's worth a visit if you're into this kind of thing. Great location, lovely staff,wonderful architecturally speaking, overall wicked pub!"

On 23-1-2005 scotsman said : "One of the oldest bars in Wolverhampton, has had a few changes through the years, has good beer, and is open till 2am, good all round bar, has a few goth's, good pub gub"

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Draught ales available :

Carling Fosters Stella Strongbow Guinness Kronenburg Bulmers John Smiths

Real ales available :

Hobgoblin, Bombadier, Old Speckled Hen, London Pride plus weekly guest Ales

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