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The Old Stags Head has an average overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with 2 vote(s) cast.

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The Old Stags Head
Church Hill Avenue
WV4 5JB  (see map)
+44(0)1902 341023

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On 31-12-2011 boomerang said : "Paid a visit to the Stag. We received a warm welcome with our Rover Reporter Boomerang the dog. This is a true dog friendly pub. Enjoyed our lunch, guinness and sauvignon blanc. Highly recommend."

On 08-11-2011 petermason said : "We arrived at The Old Stags Head on the 9/11/11 for the early bird menu which runs between 6pm-7pm. On arrival we were greeted by the owners with a friendly welcome and smile.We then noticed straight away a buffet spread on a couple of tables and we were informed that this actual evening was a celebration event for being under new management for 5 weeks.We then asked if normal food was being served and were told it was. We sat down and viewed the new menu which straight away we noticed that certain prices had been increased on some of the meals since the last time we visited this pub.The one main point on the new menu was the reminder that they still served the food on their famous large plates and if you wished to have your meal on a lighter Doe plate a reduction of 1.50 would be taken off your order.(this i will come back to further down). When ordering our meals had to ask for a childs menu which was missing from not just our table but everyones,We were informed this was the printers fault and no childrens menu was availible that night.When we eventually ordered we were then told certain food was no longer availible which was a great surprise considering it was only a tuesday evening and early(god help them if it ever gets busy). The food when served was done at various intervals,my fish served last came 6 minutes after every one elses,very poor.I can understand that it was a promotion evening and alot of people their had been invited but it is the regular customers they should be looking after not the ones their for a free buffet. The food was very tasty but none of our food came on the so called famous large plates,all were on the doe plates which i believe according to the menu only happens on request so surely we should have been offered a price reduction on each meal which never occurd. I think alot of improvement needs to be done to come upto the standards set by the previous owners,personaly dont try and fix something thats not broken,I think the new owners need to remember this. Would i recommend this pub at the momment? Yes but hope things improve. "

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